Welcome to AJ Florists of Coleraine

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AJ Florists has been the leading florists in the Coleraine triangle for over thirty years.

Our Company ethos is to provide unrivalled value and service, whilst NEVER compromising on quality.

We recognise that our success has not only been due to the quality of our product, but in our pursuit of excellence through an unrivalled personal commitment to service from each of our Florists. Our highly experienced team of professional florists have a genuine passion for their art, and for the clients who commission their creations.

AJ Florists is located at 3 Long Commons Coleraine, a few steps away from ground coffee shop.

We have endeavoured to create a modern environment that people not only want to shop in, but spend time in! With an array of freshly cut flowers, in a bright, modern space splashed with cleansing pastels.

As your High street Florist, we are easily accessed for advice and consultations on making your flowers speak on your wedding day, or as an exquisite floral gift for any occasion.



The Coleraine florist

Is thinking new things! Stay tuned!

Brides remember to check out our fantastic thankyou, see the link below